If you’re looking for quality custom milled timber or want to create something special from a felled log Clark Timber Solutions can help.

We have the knowledge, experience and specialised machinery to cut and mill timber to suit your unique requirements. We can create things such as:

  • Customised Flooring & Decking from a great variety of species
  • Horse yards and beautiful timber fences
  • Tailor-made Verandas and Patios
  • Fine furniture timber milled to your specific needs
  • Large construction beams 8.5m long
  • Nature themed playgrounds tailored to suit your daycare or primary school
  • Bush poles also available for various applications
    (see our Bushpole, Steppers & Log Price List)

We’ve even cut logs into thin round slices for wedding decorations!

With our unique bandsaw mill we can efficiently mill any size log to your specifications. We can saw any species of timber with incredible accuracy and speed giving you a far superior product to anything else on the market. Give Joe a call on 0468 815 208 to discuss your timber needs.