Green Milled Timber

Clark Timber Solutions is offering for sale green milled timber straight off the mill cut to order whatever size you want.

Our bandsaw mill has the ability to cut absolutely any size you require and it creates a incredibly smooth cut which requires very little surfacing. We have access to large quantities of Jarrah and Marri (red gum) that can milled into any size board, beam or slab. We have cut 6mm slices for surfboard making and 400mm square beams for a house so anything is possible.

The huge advantage to buying green timber is that it is so cheap and can be milled to any size you desire to meet your future needs. Dry Jarrah and Marri currently sells for over $2,500 a cubic m and prices are continually on the rise due to limiting resources.

The logs we collect are mainly recovered from arborist work and development sites – logs that were destined to be mulched or burnt. We use this to timber to supply people in all kinds of industries – we work with many different schools and supply the woodworking classes with unique native timbers, and large professional furniture makers use our reclaimed timber as their source of prime grade native timbers. We work with lots of large companies and organisations but our timber is available to anyone, for example hobbyist furniture makers working in their sheds are finding our services unmatchable in price and quality.

If you feel that your paying too much for your timber then call us today, we can turn a log into anything you desire.