Nature Play Supplies

Clark Timber Solutions is your one stop shop for all things nature play. We have access to the highest quality timber and materials around. All pieces can be cut, shaped or trimmed to whatever sizes you need. We mainly use exclusively Jarrah timber, which is harvested from renewable resources throughout Western Australia. Occasionally we also use other hardwood timbers sourced from local arborists works or tree loppers, these are mainly for forked and feature climbing pieces

We have timber available for a variety of uses including;

  • Log steppers
  • Bushpoles of all sizes – from tiny poles 50mm in diameter up to 1m diameter and even bigger
    (see ourĀ Bushpole, Steppers & Log Price List)
  • Unique forked pieces, many different shapes and sizes, check out our facebook page for a catalogue of forked pieces
  • Larger logs for climbing or retaining of mulch or sand
  • Milled timber for balance beams, planks to walk on or even build a rustic cubby house

many other items are available, we can supply anything you need for all things nature play.

Call or email today for more information.